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Elemente Clemente Fall/Winter 2020 Sneak Peek

Written by
Anna Kranzle
Since pleasant anticipation is known to be the best kind of delight, we'll give you a small visual foretaste of what the new Fall/Winter 2020 Elemente Clemente collection has in store. Elemente Clemente's Fall/Winter 2020 collection features gorgeous pullovers, cardigans, and dusters as well as comfy skirts and classic pants in beautiful grey and earth tones.
Elemente Clemente Sneak Peek Fall/Winter 2020

Designed to appeal to the fashionable and environmentally conscious, Elemente Clemente's team chooses fabrics carefully, always with the material's sustainability in mind as well as important factors like fair-trade and animal welfare. You can learn more about the Elemente Clemente fabrics in this blog post.

We are excited to show you this collection very soon at Fashion Market of Northern California, January 26th to 28th, and at Curate International Collections, February 9th to 11th, 2020.

Creating clothing that honors nature is not simply a place to begin, but a place where earth, art and human experience converge. The wearer - wherever she may be - senses both a bond with nature and a lack of separation between.

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