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Spring is here with Elemente Clemente SS20

Written by
Anna Kranzle
Spring breathes new life into the world around us. Who among us doesn't start planning outfits as soon as the days start getting a bit longer? We don't know about you, but we are craving lighter fabrics, softer colors, and basically anything other than hefty wool sweaters and puffy coats.
Spring breathes new life into the world around us.

The Elemente Clemente Spring/Summer 2020 collection features all that - light (and slightly heavier) linen in bright colors and crisp cotton in airy and feminine silhouettes, all the while being environmentally responsible. Creating clothing that honors nature is not simply a place to begin, but a place where earth, art and human experience converge. The wearer - wherever she may be - senses both a bond with nature and a lack of separation between.

For over 30 years, high quality linen has been Elemente Clemente's core competence. The brand's linen comes from a traditional weaving mill in Ireland. The production of linen has a long standing tradition in Ireland: flax is one of the oldest cultivated plants - it goes back to the 12th century.
Garments made of linen offer the wearer an unexcelled feeling: the material has a cooling effect, is breathable and leaves a breezy feeling on the skin. The natural fiber is antibacterial and free of skin irritating substances. Compared to cotton, garments made of linen save up to 90% of water in the production.
Elemente Clemente's linen is made in an ecologically friendly fibre-separation process called "dew-retting" and comes from organic flax.

Photoshoot produced and styled by us; JP Represents
Photos by Elizabeth Podlesnik
Hair & MakeUp by Michelle Mai

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