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A Photographer In Front Of The Lens

Written by
Anna Kranzle
I have been a photographer for over 10 years and have had a love for photography since my teenage years. Edda (my mom, for those who don’t know) gave me my first camera at the age of twelve. It was a medium format camera that she had once shot with as a young girl. I immediately fell in love with everything involved in the photographic process and spent countless hours exploring, shooting and then processing images in a tiny dark room in our basement. Fast forward several years - I studied visual journalism and editorial photography and began working as a documentary photographer for newspapers and magazines. Transitioning into my next career in fashion, my appreciation for visual aesthetics transitioned naturally. I have always had a passion for conceptualizing outfits through textures, colors and shapes. My photographic background, however, never helped me feel comfortable or act natural in front of the camera.
My photographic background, however, never helped me feel comfortable or act natural in front of the camera.

When the idea came to mind to start a blog series showcasing our designers’ collections on “real” people, I felt like this was a good opportunity to challenge myself and try something I’m not comfortable or familiar with - modeling. The morning of our shoot I was nervous. Will I disappoint our photographer with my non existing experience in posing (resulting in stiffness and awkwardness)? Will I frustrate our hair and make up artist with my imperfect skin and thin hair? And why haven’t I lost a few pounds in the last few weeks? Oh how unnecessary all those fears were. Elizabeth, our photographer, helped me to feel comfortable in front of the lens quickly and with each outfit I gained confidence in simply being myself. The outcome of this shoot: a little quirky, a little dramatic, a lot of beautiful and SO MUCH FUN. Combining IGOR pieces with other brand’s styles to create a younger look in this downtown Seattle photoshoot was a fun experiment. We hope you enjoy the outcome, and please also meet one of my dogs, Teddy.

Photos and Styling by Elizabeth Podlesnik
Hair & Make Up by
Karla Alvarez

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