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Gleaming Like An Iris

Written by
Anna Kranzle
Did you know that a dragonfly will spend up to two years under water until it is strong enough to surface, shed its skin and evolve into its final beautiful form? It then flies free, but only lives for a very brief period. After learning this, I am even more mesmerized now by these shiny, stunning creatures zooming over the ponds and lakes, gleaming like an iris in the warm summer months.
IGOR Spring/Summer 2019

IGOR used this delicate symbol of nature - the designer’s eternal inspiration, as he says - to adorn his Spring/Summer 2019 collection. It is by textile artist Ivana Zanko interpreted through graphic screen prints, ink jet textile print, and embroidered jet beads with feather details on textiles and plexiglass.

The collection is visually striking with pieces in magenta pink, orange and turquoise in linen and soft cotton. Another group that stands out, boasting strong contrast in black and white designs, completes the collection. Influenced by the timeless beauty of Japanese traditional clothing, the designs are architecturally shaped and easy to wear.

We are showing IGOR Spring/Summer 2019 at:

LA Market, Miriana Ojeda Showroom: 07/29 to 08/01 2018

San Francisco Market: 08/19 to 08/22 2018

Curate International Collections, NYC: 09/12 to 09/16 2018

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