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Elemente Clemente Spring/Summer 2021 Sneak Peek

Written by
Anna Kranzle
The Elemente Clemente Spring/Summer 2021 collection features organic, high-quality Irish Linen, piece died in many colors, organic cotton and light woven fabrics, some of which are upcycled.
Creating clothing that honors nature is not simply a place to begin, but a place where earth, art and human experience converge.

Founded in 2002, and designed in Munich, Germany, Elemente Clemente set out to meld the independent worlds of fashion and sustainability. All garments are eco-certified, and linens feature an ecological vegetal dye. Valuing timelessness over trends, Elemente Clemente garments evoke style, comfort, quality, and and elevated yet understated taste. Creating clothing that honors nature is not simply a place to begin, but a place where earth, art and human experience converge. The wearer - wherever she may be - senses both a bond with nature and a lack of separation between.

This season, we will be showing the collection exclusively online at the Curate Virtual Trade Show. Please visit and create a buyer account. Then, you will be able to view the collection and order online. Upon request, we will mail you fabric and color samples, and can also ship the sample collection to you. Please contact us at with any questions.

About the fabrics used in the Spring/Summer 2021 collection:

Organic Linen
Since over 30 years, linen is Elemente Clemente's "core competence".
Elemente Clemente's linen comes from a traditional weaving mill in Ireland, where the manufacturing of linen is a tradition since the 12th century, and where flax is one of the oldest cultivated plants.
Clothing made of linen is comfortable and breathable. Linen is naturally hygienic and acts antibacterial. Compared to cotton, linen saves up to 90% water in prodcution.

Organic Cotton

Elemente Clemente's organic cotton is GOTS-certificated and comes from controlled, biological farming in Izmir/Turkey or Uganda. The brand's cotton supplier in Uganda is funding many projects that support small farmers.

Recycled Nylon
Elemente Clemente's nylon is made of recycled materials, like used fishnets. Not only is this helping to save our oceans, and animals like dolphins, turtles, and whales as they often get caught in those nets, but finding a purpose for used materials is also saving energy and raw materials.

Plant dyes
Whenever possible, Elemente Clemente chooses dyes that are plant based. Among others, plants that are used for this process are Bougainvillea Glabra Choisy, Calendula Arvensis, Hypericum Triquetrifolium Turra or Scabiosa Atropurpurea.

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